Attema, founded in 1989, is a Manufacturers’ Representative specializing in the AED,  Equipment Rental, Party Rental, Construction Suppy, STAFDA, and Industrial Supply Markets.  We penetrate the market through  face to face sales, open houses, regional meetings and advertising. 

Expertise to “get the job the done”

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Deep contacts within the industry
  • Database of over 10,000 current and potential customers
  • Experience piloting established manufacturers’ sales as well as pioneering new.
  • Current average years of service to our largest partners – 18 years
  • A commitment to increasing market penetration

It’s no secret how to produce great results in sales

Stay in front of the customer

  • Face to Face relationship with our customers
  • Open Houses
  • Conventions
  • Mailings
  • Blast Emails

Without the customer there are no sales

The customer is the reason for any company’s existence.

Taking care of the customer is what Attema does best.

Take care of our salespeople

It takes a happy salesperson to make a happy customer.

Attema Sales ensures that all its’ salespeople are able to balance their home and work life